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Hello, I hope the last entry didn't crash your computers. Today is also a picture-heavy one, so if you're thinking OH GOD NOT AGAIN please feel free to skip this entry!

Also, today's entry will also feature some pictures by Doris because she has a superior camera.

After much meticulous planning the night before where we planned our trip, we started with St Mary's Hospital located just behind our hotels.

 photo DSC01233_zps140cccc7.jpg

Why? Because we wanted to visit the Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum!

 photo 20130517_100227_zps422081b9.jpg

The hospital has preserved the room where he discovered penicillin and since we'd love to say we owe our (stagnating) careers to this man, a pilgrimage was in order.

 photo 20130517_104335_zpsc2a36b2f.jpg

I need to point out this is still an actual hospital.

Asked the reception lady about buying tickets for the museum (£4 per entry) the lady said there was a special group tour today so it might be closed. We hadn't read about it online so an investigation was in order. The lady told us to inquire with the museum office.

 photo 20130517_100511_zps67bc937f.jpg

Sane tourists of the world, don't treat the hospital as a tourist destination. They have a chaplain and an interesting art therapy gallery but seriously, don't.

We followed the signboards (through more deserted corridors and stairs) and came to a tiny room crammed with about 15 students. Their lecturers stood outside, and invited us to join them. So we did.

 photo 20130517_104105_zpscb137e9e.jpg

This is as close as you're getting to the room - photos aren't allowed. The man behind the railing was the guide who talked about Fleming's discovery and the subsequent penicillin craze during WW1?2? He was soft spoken and students kept rushing out for air (it was a very small room after all). The room was discovered about 20 years ago, and they recreated the room exactly as how Fleming had left it. What I do wonder is what was in the musty petri dishes they left at the side windows if this room's furnishings is as old as they claim it to be...

Later the students adjourned to watch a short film and the lecturers invited us to join, but we already had a free tour and it would be rude to leech further, so we politely declined and left.

 photo 20130517_104607_zps067556f4.jpg

Heehee old man pharmacy.

 photo P5170191_zpsdd3d2911.jpg

We bought tickets for the London Hop-on Tour Bus, and took it to Baker Street.

 photo P5170188_zps1bfa7edd.jpg

We are immediately greeted by the patron superhero of Baker Street, SHERLOCK HOLMES.

 photo sherlock_2_zps5c4a1fef.jpg

Obviously we must follow tradition and pose with it!

 photo P5170192_zps11aeb3cb.jpg

And if you want to locate Sherlock Holmes' house, there is no shortage of assistance to help you find it.

 photo P5170193_zps4ae4214a.jpg

No, I don't know if his time machine is still there.

 photo P5170195_zps99852729.jpg

We passed by a lost & found shop - they tag and display the items lost over the decades, and the window displays aren't for sale. It's so near 221B it's like saying Sherlock Holmes helped find all these ownerless things and dumped them in one spot for easy finding!

 photo P5170197_zps7d08be7c.jpg

And since we're wallowing in pop culture already, let's throw in a Britrock shop for good measure!

 photo P5170199_zps414dcc80.jpg

Welp, here we are at the SH Museum! Buy your entry ticket here! (£8/person)

 photo DSC01247_zps2ab780a9.jpg  photo P5170201_zpsffdde8e3.jpg

Since it's really small, they only let in a certain amount of people at any time. You'll have to wait your turn until the previous batch has cleared the house and...uh...dude, you're TALL. What are you, two meters? @_@

 photo P5170204_zpsfcee2022.jpg

And we're in! Here's Holmes' bed!

 photo P5170205_zps8e293006.jpg

And his Victoria Regina guncraft!

 photo P5170208_zps20af0b84.jpg

And his various random crap! No I don't know if that violin is out of tune.

 photo DSC01262_zpsd8b7a827.jpg

You can take the hats and pipe and magnifying glass and roleplay at the fireplace. The pic of me as Holmes and Doris as Watson didn't turn out so well, so you get role reversal instead! Don't think too much about how many heads have touched those hats, just enjoy the moment.

 photo P5170219_zps106cf6ff.jpg

This is apparently part of Dr Watson's practice. It's a floor above Holmes' room, so I can't imagine what Watson's patients have to experience since they have to pass Holmes' room to reach the clinic. Or maybe that's why Watson never seemed to have patients when he stayed with Holmes.

 photo DSC01276_zps7dd88523.jpg

And there's a portable toilet in Watson's room...BECAUSE?

 photo P5170223_zps822d1330.jpg

The next is floor is AAAAA HEART ATTACK x__x
Apparently they thought it was a great idea to cram 3-4 scene reenactments per room, and these rooms are SMALL!

 photo P5170227_zps4d738bdc.jpg

Oh how nice, they managed to mount the head of the hound of the Baskervilles!

 photo P5170230_zps58b69265.jpg

Among the many letters sent to Sherlock Holmes. Not even the BBC version has stemmed the letter barrage. An excerpt:

"If you are coming, would you like to eat dumpling, noodles, or other Chinese food? Maybe Dr. Watson will like Chinese Islam food, he was a soldier in Afghanistan after all. I know that you have never come to China, but I believe if you come, you will love here. Could I have your telephone number? I can get touch with you by telephone. Or I can call James Bond, he may be free."

Clearly the world has no shortage of deluded people even in 2013.

 photo P5170232_zps88d7aeef.jpg

Fine here's your riding crop!

Going back to the souvenir shop I bought a fridge magnet, but if I had the money I would've bought a pipe, his tobacco blend, and this:

 photo 20130517_123154_zps2fa2582d.jpg


The only thing that would've made it infinitely better would've been a Ducktor Watson, but we can't have everything. :( They also had DVDs of Sherlock Holmes movies, but BBC Sherlock is very much absent. They have the Robert Downey Jr version but not this? Is it a copyright thing? Determination to not have the entire museum Cumberbatched? I don't know.

As we headed out I overheard two ladies ask the guide how far was it to go to North Gower Street and he pulled out a map and said it was a 15-minute walk. Since we were also going there I asked the two ladies if they wanted to walk with us, and so the BCC Sherlock party walk began. The ladies were a mother-daughter pair from Utah named Tracy & Tiffany, and she was in London to celebrate her graduation before going for some internship at a financial firm. We talked about Sherlock, which also spills over to Cumberbatch, which then also covers Ben Whishaw (it appears that Cumberbatch fans gravitate to Whishaw) and just before it started drizzling...

 photo P5170236_zpsedbddf9d.jpg


It must suck to be Giuseppe Mazzini - he doesn't get a mention in the TV series for authenticity's sake.

 photo DSC01293_zpseda72046.jpg

Pictures must be taken to commemorate the occasion!

Joy isn't without its heartache as I see this:

 photo P5170235_zpsf1f02862.jpg

I would've SO come except I fly off on the 20th. F MY LIFEEEEEE TT_TT *shakes fist*

Since it was lunchtime, we joined the massive lunchtime crowd. Had a Speedy's breakfast which is like a normal English breakfast except it has beef.

 photo 20130517_130939_zps970a1593.jpg

I must point out this cafe is TINY. You can barely move without bumping into someone.

Tracy (the mother) paid for our lunch and then we went our separate ways. I wanted to hunt for a haematology book so we headed further down Gower Street where University College London was located.

 photo P5170238_zpsd1833a3f.jpg

Nope, we're not in Russia. We're near my dad's old school.

 photo P5170239_zps6e742381.jpg

The Waterstones bookshop is 5 floors, the lower ground is for all the science and medicine books, and when I asked for the haematology books she just pointed me to a whole SHELF of them. The book I picked had a slightly ratty cover, and the cashier immediately gave 10% off. I love this country so much T_T They also have textbooks for phlebotomy which blew my mind - we're talking full-colour 200-pages about where and how to take blood and all the tubes available in the world and the order you take them. My phlebotomy training is a continuous period of trial and error, Doris's training took a day and an ORANGE...I'm curious how they train UK phlebotomists now.

 photo P5170240_zps97361bb1.jpg

Walk down and you'll pass Ben Whishaw's old school.

 photo P5170242_zps62e64aa2.jpg

Walk further down and you'll feel anaesthesia and dentistry in the air.

 photo P5170243_zps3e3bbb89.jpg

Walk further further down and you'll be presented with this hilarious warning.

 photo P5170244_zps12467e0e.jpg

Walk a few steps further down and you'll get another hilarious warning. Note: It really is a deep drop. We looked.

 photo P5170245_zpsa987c943.jpg

Walk towards Russell Square and you'll see this public toilet. I did not try it for I doubt anything will ever match the superiority of Japan's automated toilets.

 photo P5170246_zpse75e3b96.jpg

From here we take the bus to an interchange (and got a good nap out of it), and then we continue the hop-on tour with live guided commentary.

 photo P5170249_zps742d1fa7.jpg

Guide: This is where you come to sue the newspapers.

 photo P5170261_zpsd5beebe2.jpg

Guide: This is The Shard, where the apartments cost up to £50 million. I have an apartment there, you're all invited, and you must bring a bottle of champagne and £1 million each.

 photo P5170262_zps90f6430a.jpg

Whoa, policemen at work! OAO

 photo P5170264_zpsdf465dd4.jpg

Guide: On your left is City Hall. The glass windows represent government transparency. Two weeks later they installed blinds.

 photo P5170273_zpsef2d5ca6.jpg

Guide: Legend says that if the ravens leave the Tower of London, the city will fall. Since we're such optimistic people we clipped their wings so they can't fly away.

 photo P5170279_zpsadb3c7cf.jpg

Seriously, this city has a problem with random lovely architecture.

 photo P5170286_zps04335da3.jpg

Guide: Here we have kids practicing parkour. Sometimes they fall into the river. Bloody kids.

 photo P5170290_zps29b51cef.jpg

This is fake MI6, used in the James Bond movies.

 photo P5170293_zps3e8d2b1a.jpg

Here is the London Eye. When I was riding this bus, they may have been filming Sherlock there. GAH.

 photo P5170267_zpsbd0a4940.jpg

Here's Tower Bridge, history, dead ghosts, and all.

 photo P5170294_zps56a3e025.jpg

We got out of the bus to go look at Westminster Abbey. Have a Ben on the way.

 photo P5170295_zps156fe16f.jpg

And an early angry lady.

 photo 20130517_161935_zps8161872d.jpg

Parliament was undergoing some renovation, and a lot of these places have facades which sometimes look real until you do a double take. The effort to ensure it looks like the original is hilarious.

 photo 20130517_162930_zpsf138912d.jpg

Heeere's Westminster Abbey! But it's already closed. :(

 photo 20130517_163053_zps5faf5823.jpg

Oh my god. The individual carvings. That gothic architecture. Just. A minute. Please. Gasp.

 photo 20130517_163850_zpsc626804b.jpg

Angry Churchill breaks my reverie, and we hop back onto the sightseeining bus.

 photo 20130517_170339_zpsf08d2d8a.jpg

Have the almost!Sherlock skyline.

 photo 20130517_170910_zps6930d7aa.jpg

London looking like Malaysia #4: Roadworks in the middle of the city!

 photo 20130517_171223_zps6ee71caa.jpg

I saw this limping guy and girl, and thought it was cute.

 photo 20130517_171407_zps1e446630.jpg

People having a pint in front of the Punch Tavern, where the magazine Punch started.

 photo 20130517_171658_zps2e6fe553.jpg

This is the best pic of St Paul's Cathedral I could get. Someday I shall return and photograph the HELL out of it!

 photo 20130517_172335_zps6518c99b.jpg

Our guide this round was funny and rather cute too!

It was already around 5 at this point, and you don't notice it in the pics but actually we had to double around St Paul's Cathedral to get to London Bridge because we were meeting Denesh (our secondary school classmate) at the London Bridge Tube Station. It was a lovely reunion, especially between Doris & Denesh as they haven't seen each other for 13 years.

 photo 20130517_174518_zps11a3e9b8.jpg

The first thing Denesh did was take us to his workplace!

 photo 20130517_174937_zpsf2cbc7ef.jpg photo 20130517_174931_zps33c46c69.jpg

And take us to the 9th floor of his OFFICE to show us the scenery!

 photo 20130517_175007_zps8f5fbd07.jpg

We never really had a school shot, so better now than never.

 photo 20130517_175528_zps05ddf40f.jpg

Lookit all that GLASS. London LOVES their glass. God forbid if there was a sonic boom that smashed ALL the glass in the city, it would be an epic glass shower!

 photo 20130517_183519_zps464d0f37.jpg photo 20130517_185644_zps9129f3ef.jpg

Denesh took us to an Italian place called Strada near his office for dinner. Had a bruschetta and Rigatoni Speck, which is rigatoni and thinly-sliced ham. He also paid for dinner, the high-flying jet-setting mortgage-paying wife-seeking dear. <3 After a lovely chat I suggested he pay my mum a visit at the hotel, and he agreed to it after he dumped his bags at home.

So OF COURSE we followed!

 photo 20130517_201436_zps01a89600.jpg

This is Canary Wharf, a place with DUUUUUUUCKSSSSS!

 photo 20130517_202131_zpsb8ef838a.jpg

And boats, of course.

 photo 20130517_212744_zps6f6985f8.jpg

We took the Tube back to Baker Street then change trains to Paddington, and this silhouette was too good to pass up. He met my mum, they had a nice chat about finding a wife and how he's not a skinny scrawny lanky guy anymore and then everyone went back. It was a bit too rushed for my own taste, but as dad says, this is just a sampler trip.

I AM gonna return to London.

And that's it for today! The next update will be a day or two late as I'll be on night call, but don't worry, the picture flood will go downhill after the next entry!
Next up: Oxford/Cambridge, and what London Does When There's A Demonstration (Hint: They don't freak out).
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