May. 26th, 2013

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Hello! I went back to work and got bad news, but then there was good news so I feel more motivated to write! Let's continue!

After the previous day's epic meeting with epic folk, mum and I had to wake up epically early because we were going for a tour and the pick-up service would pop over around 8. I don't have a picture of the guy, but I should've taken a pic of him because his hair was slicked back, he wore those sunglasses with gradient tint, and wore a suit sans tie with unbuttoned collar. Everything about him screamed ITALIAN MOB BOSS and I really was worried he was going to lump us all in the bus and give an offer we can't refuse, then pay more for whatever he was going to threaten us with. I mean it's bad enough I'm paying £84 for a coach ride...

But let's continue.

Strap in for a pic-intensive ride! )

If you read this till the end thank you for looking through SIXTY FIVE pictures of England. I hope your Sunday has been properly wasted!

Next up: Sherlock, Sherlock!, London: The Cliff Notes, and schoolmate reunions 10,000 km from home!

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