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How are you today?

As Kemu told you, I had a totally random ghetto photoshoot on Monday. Here, have some pics!

The body is a house of many windows: there we all sit, showing ourselves and crying on the passers-by to come and love us.
- Robert Louis Stevenson

Click HERE

Have a nice day!
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One day Lloyd went to the lab to check up on the development of the Lancelot.

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Location: HELP College Learning Space Lab (thanks [ profile] ithronluin!)
Photographer: Christy/Vironia
Date: 5th May 2007, during C2AGE
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...Surely there must be a way to make a good tall crossplay without those BLOODY PLATFORM STILETTOS?

I mean....the man's old, he wouldn't wear those! =__=
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Congratulations and cookies and confetti bags to:

[ profile] _deru: 3rd prize Individual Cosplay + Crowd Fave (Hani-sempai, Ouran)
Amazingly the competition was between her and [ profile] shoji_tokairin for the award (Kurogane, Tsubasa Chronicle).

[ profile] chocolime: 2nd prize Individual Cosplay (Princess Chibimoon, Sailormoon)
[ profile] ithronluin: 1st prize Individual Cosplay (Isaak, Trinity Blood)

Group Cosplay winners: "Heartless Idol" by [ profile] kitmun, [ profile] sizerazrael, [ profile] ilunari

Other awards:

[ profile] kitmun: 2nd prize Character Design Competition
[ profile] teh_o: 1st prize Character Design Competition

[ profile] tokiyakun: Soul Calibur PS2 competition, 2nd place I think.

Honourable mention:

[ profile] renkun14, for being a better translator than Furuya Tohru's ACTUAL translator. XD
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Meine Liebe Photoshoot of D00mage pics here!

Special thanks to Kemu and Keitsu for becoming photographers at the last minute and [ profile] kitmun for cossing Camus, and having enough 1337 skillz to photoshop out a watch. m(_ _)m
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What I did today since I didn't go watch Yasunori Mitsuda in Singapore. )

It's still no substitute for this; nor is a chocolate fountain better than this.

Gomen ne Silvy .__.
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Ganked with permission from [ profile] miura_mika, who rocks because her camera phone has a much 1337er flash than my Kodak camera.

Ouran BL pics!

[ profile] dynast_harmonia - Kyoya
[ profile] cielelric and [ profile] mistressnaoko - Hitachiin Twins
[ profile] kemuridono - Nekozawa
[ profile] _deru - Honey-sempai
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Deru = Coat done, needs patch
Me = Done, need to lose weight and bind

Nao = Rai's coat
Juu = Wild's coat, get her to dry clean it too
Ciel = ?????'s coat

Yuuchan = not around therefore no coat --> pay with deru's life, find way to get coat.
Roxanne = Has coat, but...?
Iluna = Has coat....
Yukina = Must make her cosplay....Nekozawa? Haruhi? >_>

Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa x___x
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4 episodes of Code Geass (no full-blown Pizza Hut yet!), and now I'm sorely tempted to cosplay this guy:

"Lloyd Asplund (ロイド・アスブルンド, Roido Asuburundo)?, (Seiyū: Tetsu Shiratori)
The developer of the elite Knightmare Frame Lancelot. His heart and soul are fully immersed in science, so much that he proclaims he views Suzaku as a tool and part of the Frame that he pilots."

...Not good. >.>


Oct. 2nd, 2006 12:26 am
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I seldom ask for help, so I *kinda* *sorta* really really hope everyone can help me out here.

- So I got back my costume, and I find the sleeves are done wrong, does anybody know a tailor who can fix sleeve patterns (the tailor I sent it to apparently didn't know how to draw the pattern - I gave a high-res pic from all angles with a bigass pic of the pattern, whaddaya mean you don't know how to make it?) without me having to trek to Penang?

- What's the minimum people make lined blazers, RM200? RM300? assuming only half lining is done, would it be better to put it at the back or in front?

- Here's a pic:

See the pin/buckle that's holding up the sash? How do I make the pattern in the middle look like a little 3D popup? (Btw those are the sleeves I didn't get, and no I didn't give them this pic.)

Really really really grateful if you could help m(_ _)m
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1. Woke up, [ profile] lady_sb told me [ profile] dai_kurotenshi and [ profile] carneaglariel were featured heavily in The Sun. Blinked, wiped drool off face and table, resumed sleep.
2. Read [ profile] ithronluin's entry, went O___O *___*
3. Ran all over school for a copy, of which the ONLY ONE belongs to someone...I don't like...much. #*&(*^(#&(@
4. Kicked disliked man in head and told him to be man enough to get his own goddamn copy Ran out to the nearest public area.
5. 15 minutes later, nearly robbed a gaijin lady of her copy...which wasn't The Sun, but the Malay Mail. Woops.
6. Went to Delifrance nearby, and ganked the LAST COPY OF THE SUN!!!!!!1111111
7. Resisted urge to pimp article to all and sundry having their lunch.
8. Pimped article to Angry Scotsman Teacher, told him I would've kicked people down if they ganked the last copy.

His reply: "I can't see you doing that...ok wait I can."

Oh pretty. *__*

PS: Btw [ profile] bunnychan86, my friend said you looked like a life-sized doll as Tamaki. Be proud.
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[ profile] dynast_harmonia => [ profile] ithronluin
[ profile] mistressnaoko + [ profile] cielelric => [ profile] yukinabarvon + [ profile] spring_yuki

Need reconfirming (for security's sake):
Evilmatter => [ profile] ilunari?
angel => [ profile] yuu_chan?

Need to either rob a costume or get one made for her:
[ profile] kemuridono

Hunting down a tailor before the end of September:
[ profile] _deru
[ profile] dmjewelle

Other important miscellaneous things to do:
- Make sure [ profile] mistressnaoko & [ profile] cielelric will be comfortable with SOME FORM of BL fanservice. Irony.

Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore." Never goddammingly frigging more.
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....Oh yeah, that's why.

*repeats to self "for the love of [ profile] _deru, for the love of [ profile] _deru"*

Must...not...get...frustrated. >___

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