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STEP 1: My parents will notify the following people (in no particular order) first - after the relatives and my boss (who'll then tell my colleagues who'll go OH SNAP NOW WHO WILL RUN THE SEROLOGY TESTS), and the 5 ex-schoolmates I bothered to keep in touch with. Oh, and Kelly. If she's not too busy.

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Any one of these people will be within 6 degrees of every other contact I know. They will also get first dibs on EVERYTHING I own, provided my parents don't keep it for themselves first. This is including (but not limited):

- The diaries of my entire life. Guaranteed thicker than Anne Frank's.
- Jewellery & clothing
- My anime/manga/doujin/artbook/gashapon stash
- My gaming consoles (PS2, PS2 slim, PSP, DS)
- My plushies.

The only exception will be the computer; My dad decides on those.

STEP 2: Out of the 4 contact people, one will retrieve my blogging/facebook/deviantart accounts (two of them are IT people - I don't think I need to give detailed instructions) and copypaste the following:

Oh bugger, I accidentally died. LOL. Thanks for everything!

Use the Milly Ashford icon for LJ, btw.

STEP 3: I have a pair of black pants with a black pinstripe shirt...lined coat...thingy. I'll wear those with black socks and my Rockports. You know how they did the makeup for the bodies in Departures and how they looked so subtly beautiful and alive? I want that. Yes. That. Tell my parents that. Give them pictures if necessary. I mean it. If I wanted to look like a clown, I'd cosplay more often. Monty Python's "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life" is rather overdone, but if everyone sings along to it then by all means play it.

STEP 3.5: Take pictures with me. Put it on *MY* Facebook. Name album "My Funeral".

STEP 4: I am confident I will have RM12k to turn my ashes into diamonds. Algordanza is located in North Point, Mid Valley City. Make a nice pair of earrings. The rest of the ashes will be divided and given to whoever else wants them. As usual, my parents and the 4 executors get first dibs.


Now I can't say I'm not marginally prepared!

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