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This afternoon I dreamt that Yoji Shinkawa was REALLY popular in Hungary.

When I woke up my knee was all twisted.


Jan. 20th, 2011 09:35 am
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So there I was in this big building/resort area being followed by an Australian tranny from Sydney and she was wearing this red and white striped top like Asuka's swimsuit I think and then I was on some race to get to the topmost level of this gorgeous building with wooden staircases that can be side by side but go up to different levels and there were people all over the place OH MY GOD AM I IN SOMEONE ELSE'S DREAM AND ALL THESE PEOPLE ARE MY SUBCONSCIOUS and I wanted to get to the top and I knew which stairs it was but just couldn't get to the stairs and occasionally I'd bump into the tranny and then run and then finally FINALLY I reach the top and see a couple making out but they see me and stop and walk off and the floor looked like it was littered with torn magazine pages because it was really colourful but the floor felt smooth and then I looked at one open door that led out to the rooftop which was under construction pretty much and this one guy said ok show's over I'm packing up and I asked why and he replied something about there's nothing to see so no reason to stay abd then I peek into another room (how does a place with 4 corners have more than 3 doors?) and I say "I would stay longer" even though I'm looking into a room with a computer and gazillions of tons of otaku gundam stuff all around the computer and I think omg this guy is an otaku but he doesn't listen and leave and I look out the window and there's that tranny again and then my mum akss me what top I wanna wear when I go out afterwards.
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So I was driving home at night and saw this white Kelisa knock this Tiara from behind and the Tiara went quite a distance forward but then it turned right and stopped in the middle of the crossroads (you know the crossroads at the Tmn Bhg LRT) and got out of the car and then challenged the white Kelisa to come forward and I was wondering WTH did they have to park so far ahead to inspect damage and then I took a round and came back to where the white Kelisa was and then there was talk of disappearances and after that I was taking a red pen with paper and explaining to my dad how many branches the crossroad had but he didn't get it. =__=

Then there was something about people disappearing and it was big news because 4 bodies got dug up and they were just starting to send the 4th body to our lab for investigation and I got REALLY curious and REALLY wanted to do the night call THAT night but I'd just come back from something at 3 PM and there was a ground floor full of people in a plush carpeted room with a wooden plank metal railing staircase sitting on sofas watching TV about this Victorian Headless Murder Mystery and I don't know why but I had this really big GUT feeling the 4th victim was HIM (you know. That man I call an ex) and I REALLY wanted to see if it was HIM because then I could tell KM (I don't know why I would even want to tell him) since 2 of his friends disappeared and one was already dead (Fush? Manny?) and Kak Fami (old assholic lady at work) was like no you can't do the night call but then the person actually doing the night call couldn't make it and WHOOHOO I immediately offer even though the call is 6 PM so I rush home to get ready for it (so energetic for what) and Fiza (another colleague) taunted me about doing the call because I was SO hard up to wonder if it was HIM but now that I think of it it's not like I could identify HIM if he was HEADLESS and then I told my mum and she said oh that's ok she something something cooking and then I went back and saw this book that had the big reveal who the 4th victim was but I didn't dare to open the centerfold because it was SCARY and finally it WASN'T HIM (damn?) but some old lady dressed like The Old Lady In Babar who was the mother to some people I knew who said they should've suspected it since their mum disappeared like over a day ago. There were all these Victorian people I knew but have no idea who they are and they must be Victorian since they all looked like characters drawn by Edward Gorey (who wasn't even Victorian!). Also some narrow carpeted corridors and big open space of cement.

And all that in a 2-hour afternoon nap!
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So I had a dream last night.

It had fighting! Lots of it! )

How Bizarre

Aug. 6th, 2009 07:06 am
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It was a very long dream but highlights included [ profile] elderg giving music lessons to some really ugly nun and then I was at some toy store looking at stuff and Elder went LOOK AT THIS MP3 PLAYER LOOK AT IT and ran off while I was still holding his earphones which then ripped even though they stretched pretty far when Elder was running from whereever he was to the pedestal where the player was and then I had to read some microbiology plates and put one under the microscope to take a look where my colleague who had a DSLR for some reason was trying to take a picture of the culture plate and my senior popped up and said "you should do a gram stain first" and I felt really silly I was trying to look at the plate under the microscope and then Arisugawa Juri left her dorm room and there was a ScREAM but nobody was in the room and she'd disappeared but there had been some homo attacker (whut) whom the ugly nun deduced would only attack on the 6th working week and had weird calculations ([ profile] immanuel_aj was around) to figure out when the attacker would hit next but I never got it and instead ugly nun asked if I could give her music lessons even though I said I was bloody not GOOD at music lessons and Elder goes "this is what you get for disrupting my plans bwa ha ha >D" and I could tell it was Elder because it was Elder's VOICE wtf and all the while I was calculating how convenient it was for Elder to send Mintos home because something something Subang and she was in my dad's bathroom for I dunno what reason and in front of the music class door there was an owl clock (with pendulum eyes!) and the music class rates that said "RM11 up" and that wasn't including the difficult class and some words were scratched out and written something else on top of them but then ugly nun pulled me off for her music class and I was like "NOOOOO" in my heart because the dread had been there since ugly nun made me her music teacher and then I woke up because my alarm rang and now I feel really sleepy and tired. @__@
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Last night I dreamt the CF bunch went for a trip to some old concentration camp that looked quite a bit like Tiananmen Square. A convoy of those army buses (the sort people go for field trips in) rolled by and everyone got into them. I had to push my way to sit next to Sizer and Ezel because EVERYONE wants to sit next to Sizer and Ezel! Then we got off at some old street market (the kind that people make frantic chases through in movies and then the bad guys run over some chickens) and Zymz was with me and then I grabbed her arm and clung to it for dear life.

zymz: what are you doing!
me: Well it's called like grabbing on to your arm
me: i dunno, you said [insert some babbling about asking her to teach me how lovers hold hands and that involves clinging to one arm for dear life and stretching it longer by a few more cm]

And then I pulled away and met Keiichi who was at some really huge shed where there was some traditional dance show going on (looks like we're either in East Malaysia or Cambodia at this point) and he's wearing one of those pointy straw hats and going hieee. Then it RAINED and people were fleeing all around and I think there was a house but I woke up.

Then I came to work, saw my colleague's notebook and GANKED with much brutality. It just needed to be told.
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In point form:

- Wild walks off from dinner leaving her purse behind. In it is a gold credit card.
- I get unhealthily attached to a plush husky dog.
- The CF gang stays in a crap hotel.
- The hotel is so crap that even at the lowest level, the lift doesn't stop and descends some MORE until I press the down button to stop it from moving.
- Deru was in that lift and she went eh? and we went AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *press down button*
- Victor lead us out of the hotel. We occasionally stopped to pick up my plush husky.
- The hotel had no lights.
- There was a streetcar with no sides.
- Also, no lights. But it was morning anyway.
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Wednesday night:

I was at the Architect machine (which has been breaking down very frequently, sometimes up to 3 times a day) and there was this error that said "R1 Wash at Pipetter" something something, and it had this alarm going DING DONG melodiously in the background (on Wed morning someone was setting up a new machine and it kept giving off this alarm) and I was going WHY WHY WHAT'S WRONG WITH IT WHY CAN'T I FIND OUT WHAT'S WRONG WITH IT WHYYYYYYYY until I found out the problem was connected to the trash bin.

Thursday night:

Some girl wants a new place to stay. We follow her to a hospital room and make a ruckus. By we I mean the entire CF bunch. Fenix wore a silver wig and her Vampire Knight uniform and snuck off to a door in an metal-floored alley. I tried to sneak without making a sound but it's hard when the floor is metal. Behind the door is some workshop with bits of fabric and a hag. I'd describe the rest of the town on the way to the hospital and the hospital building but all I remember is a 70s type photograph and lots of brown.

Oh dreams

Nov. 28th, 2008 09:26 pm
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...Make that 12-hour shifts.

So last night was a blur but the only thing to note was that I was trapped in a room with James Bond (Daniel Craig ver.) who then said he had problems titling his poem since it flirted with both happy and dark themes and he asks "what about petunias and...pekosias?" and I'm like OK but WHAT IS A PEKOSIA AND WHY IS A DARK THEME I DON'T KNOW and he's about to start on his poem and then I wake up.

Oh dreams

Nov. 27th, 2008 08:08 pm
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Last night I dreamt I was driving my car and up ahead was an accident but not just any accident because there were bodies on the road and they were BLOODY bodies and I was going oh noes why isn't anyone clearing them off the middle OF THE ROAD and so I drove slowly and inched to the next lane but then I WAS BLOCKED by another car so I had to RUN OVER THE BODY and I THINK the guy was still alive because someone was telling me look I think he's still breathing but I CAN'T STOP THE CAR and then I RAN OVER THE GUY AAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and that was how everyone was screaming AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YOU KILLED HIM YOU MURDERER and then I went OH SHI and the body was now 80x bloodier because the man wore a white tshirt but it's NOT WHITE ANYMORE and I had to continue driving and up ahead was ANOTHER accident and there was a guy with a green tshirt lying on the road and this guy was definitely dead because he was bloody and slightly dismembered but moreso because while this time I stopped by the roadside I couldn't pull his body over because SOMEBODY ELSE drove past and KNOCKED HIS HEAD CLEAR OFF WITH THEIR TIRES and the head rolled off to the side of the road and *I* screamed AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OMG YOU KNOCKED HIS HEAD OFF FUCKER RESPECT FOR DEAD PEOPLE DO YOU HAVE IT and then there was this guy who tried to keep touching me inappropriately and I was grabbing everything in sight and bashing his head in and there were injuries but dreams have no physical feeling so I kept hitting him and he was dead from all the head injuries BUT WHY CAN'T I FEEL THE CONTACT and it was so frustrating I woke up at 6 AM and went back to bed!

Then I woke up and went to work and found I have to work 10-hour solo microbiology shifts up to Sunday. Fun!

*wants more Fenkunesque dreams*

Hey Deru!

Mar. 14th, 2008 06:49 pm
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Yesterday night I had a dream and it was kinda long so I forgot most of it, but the part I recall most was that I was doing my ward rounds and I went into the ward and TADA [ profile] _deru was there and I had to take blood from her except that BOTH her hands had IV catheters in them.

So one had blood flowing out of the catheter and there was Deru's sister on the next bed and I went "what the hell is going on" and Deru goes "she's my sister, I'm giving her a blood transfusion! 8DDD" Then I figure no way I can take blood from that hand so I look at the other arm and there's an IV drip connected to it. So I take a glimpse at it and I THINK it's sugar so I ask Deru "IS THAT SUGAR IN YOUR IV DRIP" and she goes "YEAH IT'S SUGAR IN MY IV DRIP 8DDD" and I go "WHY DO YOU HAVE SUGAR IN YOUR IV DRIP" and she goes "BECAUSE IT'S SUGAR WHEEEE 8DD" and goes on a massive sugar high because this isn't the usual glucose mix in IVs we're talking CONCENTRATED SUGAR or some equally ludicrous concentration of sugar - I think it could be like candy floss concentrated, I dunno, but it's goddamn SUGAR and she's taking the whole bucketload into her bloodstream with the blood flushing out into her sister.

Then I ask what's gonna happen after the transfusion and Deru goes "Then they'll put ANOTHER SUGAR IV DRIP!!!" and I go "JESUS CHRIST I CAN'T TAKE YOUR BLOOD LIKE THIS YOUR RESULTS WILL GO THROUGH THE ROOF" and then I wake up and realise I don't have to do ward rounds today because a colleague needed to go play with his (foot)balls and wanted to go home early, so I go back to sleep and wake up at 7.30.

You can totally tell the bloodtaking and ward rounds are getting to me; Just last week I dreamt [ profile] elderg was in a broadway musical, but aren't you glad I've forgotten what that dream was about?
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OK I gotta type this out NOW before I forget even though I gotta go to work in half an hour because I believe I've just dreamed up the entire first episode of Code Geass' nonexistent second season LOL.

Coherency replaced with speed ahead, apologies.

It starts off in some room in some place and I'm reading some books about Nazi atrocities with Amaterasu Okami (the wolf from Okami) and the pictures are really coming to life here (WE DON'T NEED TO SEE SLAUGHTERED JEWS COMING TO LIFE YANNOOO) and then Ammy runs around and there's a voice saying yay mission complete and now to the next mission which is...balancing accounts. Yeah the wolf uses a brush pen to balance accounts and I need to give her the correct answer within a time limit so she can fill it in. Although the sums are really easy I get stumped on 38 + 15 and I wanted to skip the question BUT IT WOULDN'T LET ME and I was panicking and stuff even though the timer says I've got about 20 seconds or so and I eventually calculate and put 43 (or 53) and of course it was wrong GODDAMN so I failed the mission and Amaterasu whines and barks. There might have been some brief brushes with dentistry, I can't recall.

I see a mag on the floor that has this massive 2-page spread of CODE GEASS SEASON 2 or somecrap and it seems Lelouch's gotten a haircut (Lulu with a crewcut, yeah you keep that image in your head for a while) and the action's shifted to Europe or Brittania couldn't really tell.

And then next thing I know I'm in the plaza or some nondescript European place. Maybe Italy. I've always wanted to go to Italy. I dunno why. I've GOT to stop experiencing every damn thing I read!

So I'm in this plaza and there's an earthquake but it's not because a building just exploded and bits are falling OMG and one large pile of debris crushes a lady and an old man in a wheelchair and some long white-haired seme-looking bishie holstering a sniper rifle walks by and at first you don't think it's anyone but OMG IT'S LELOUCH WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR HAIR WHY ARE YOU SO SEME THIS IS NOT RIGHT and then I realise oooohhhh season 2's taking place like several YEARS from season 1 but this is no excuse to look like Kyo Kara Maou's Gunter! Gawd you suck new character designers!

Then there's a line of similarly long white-haired guys with hairstyle variations (one has a braid in the middle of his hair like Legolas or somesuch) and they're walking and following Lelouch into another building and it seems like there's an army chasing him, but they lose track of him. Then OUT COMES SUZAKU and he still looks the same just a little broad-shouldered and still in that Lancelot plugsuit. Aw damn. Then they rush in and reach some attic with clothes hanging out to dry but Lulu's nowhere to be seen. Instead something rushes out and ATTACKS SUZAKU and it's ORENJI-KUN but Suzaku hits back in time and Orenji-kun is pushed back and Suzaku goes something like OMG YOU'RE STILL ALIVE IMMA GONNA KICK YOUR ASS and Orenji-kun says wait wait don't attack it's me and Suzaku goes "eh?" and then there's SUBTITLES AT MY WAIST WTF going something like "I've changed some feminine attributes" (ENGRISH!) and poof it's actually LLOYD IN DISGUISE WTF and he's become some master of disguise and there's like wigs hung along the ceiling rafters, and there's like orange and neon pink and purple wigs and I see MY Lloyd wig but it's all ratty and busted aw. :(

Then we move to this shop where Suzaku's asked to put his Lancelot key into some slot and he does and an entire shop SLIDES BACKWARDS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CITY AND NO ONE'S NOTICING and then the episode ended.

Afternoon nap's dream was weirder (20 IRC/CF people running from a plague take refuge in a nice house), but I can't remember that, aw.

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