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I woke up to more rain.

Also realised I was supposed to attend a concert - the actual reason I'm freezing my arse off 5000km away from home.

10th March 2012 - The Gazette's anniversary concert, and a brief journey into Makoto Shinkailand )
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I was looking forward to the day because I got to meet up with [ profile] _deru!

Unfortunately Fate loves making life hard for me too!

9th March 2012 - Of Beans, Clay, and Fish )

And that's it for Day 2! Next up: The Gazette's Anniversary concert, and my first brush with Japanese assholicry. It exists! OAO
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The airplane served breakfast at 1.30 AM, and I had pink soba, wasabi, tomato pasta, and a small container of Haagen Dazs ice cream. Cathay Pacific's penchant for feeding people is terrifying - each flight has a 3-course meal of a main dish, a side dish, and dessert. It's ok until you're having connecting flights, then you're just eating a lot.

I'm sure to some marathon eating is hardly a bad thing...unless you picked the "no taste" option when you booked your tickets. I still can't figure out why would someone need to have *no flavouring* in their food whatsoever.

8th March 2012 - Preparing for the next 14 days )

That's it for day 1! Next up: Meeting Deru, walking in the cold, tea shops of absolute doom, and the most badass(??) marine engineer ever.
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You know what's the hardest thing about blogging?


7 March 2012 - Getting to Japan )
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What do you know, we're down to the day I left Japan!

26 July 2010 - I'm leaving on whatever plane JAL uses )

And that's it for my Japan trip! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! m(_ _)m

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section and I'll reply!

(FINALLY I can get back to posting nonsense on my LJ mwahahaha)
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Good evening, I hope your National Day celebrations were good! I haven't had the mood to update since I watched Inception. Eames/Arthur withdrawal is a terrible thing, you know.

But we're not here to talk about that. No, you want PICSPAAAAAAMMMMM.

25 July 2010 - The great variety of human wishes, tonkatsu, and My Hell now involves walking and sunlight. )
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Hello, it's been a long time since the last post! I forgot there's another two days to go, and I've finally decided to do something with my life!

24 July 2010 - Asakusa, CFers, and SUPRAIZ KARAOKE )
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Greetings! I had a debilitating case of food poisoning and stomach pains that cost me one nights' sleep and 6 hours' worth of food, but I'm much better now! Let's get on with the report show!

23 July 2010 - Sushi, Universities, and History! Also, ramen. )
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Today I'd just like to point out that each entry takes me at least 3 hours to put together, so seeing people enjoying my posts does make all this effort worthwhile. Thank you for reading! :)

And now, Gazette's opening concert!

22 July 2010 - The Gazette: Nameless Liberty Six Bullets )
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Apparently all of you just want to know what happened at the butler cafe.

Y'all are such deprived people.

21 June 2010 - Also, Atelier Boz kicks my ass. )
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In this LJ entry: The Japanese equivalent of Shah Alam, a Really Cute Dog, the horrors of East Ikebukuro, and Dir En Grey. Oh yes this is going to be a LONG ASSED POST.

Flying Vending Machine Count: Still 0.

20 July 2010 - The Unwavering Fact of Tomorrow )
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Every morning in Tokyo, we'd walk past a bakery called Vie de France. One regret I have is not taking pics of the pastry I eat every day because OH GOD IT TASTES SO GOOD I FORGET MY CAMERA EXISTS. They'd have savoury stuff like hash browns and onions and pork croquette with other stuff and sweet stuff like cheese & raspberry jam with powdered sugar on top. On my last day there I caved and ate TWO pastries, calories be damned.

Delifrance can go suck a stale baguette.

19 July, 2010 - Getting a feel of heaven, getting lost, and getting into trouble. )
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So now I finally have some net time to myself, I can proceed with the travel log!

18 July, 2010 - Getting a feel for Tokyo )
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While everyone was living it up at C2Age and laughing at people at Bon Odori, I went to Japan.

Yeah you heard that right: While you're wishing you lived the Japanese dream and scorned everyone else who seemed like they were just mocking it, I went to see the Japanese Dream instead.

17 July 2010 - Night of Departure )

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