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I'm no good at making life updates because I've always felt that some things are better off being told in person.

But after telling the same story five times in a row, something needs to be done.

In here be piccies of life. Very boring. )

And that's my life update for this part of the year. We hope you enjoyed it!
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This PV speaks of such profound truth! I must share it with the world!

Prepare to be FLOORED.

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You know why I love Angela Aki?

It's not because she's bilingual.
It's not because she plays one mean piano.
It's not because she can make a song soar with ONLY the piano and her voice.
It's not because she's the only christian pop artist I regularly listen to (it's true!)
It's certainly not because when we were wondering what her next piano single would be, she goes and plays a goddamn GUITAR.

It's because whenever I feel my worst, when I'm depressed, when I believe my life has amounted to nothing and will continue to, Angela Aki just pumps out a bunch of lyrics and a song that tells me I am wrong.


Soppy as this sounds, god damn I love Angela Aki.

(But never more than Sakimoto)

Lyrics + Translation here )
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On Friday night, strange red spotty blisters appeared on my torso. I thought "Oh please please please please please don't let it be chicken pox NOW I got VGL and the Sakimoto concert to go please please please pleeeeeeaseeee."

Guess what I got diagnosed with on Saturday :D

But no way was I going to miss something I paid a crapton of money for, so I covered myself up (as much as I could without resorting to a burqa), took the LRT, and sat in one spot inhaling antivirals and making deals with gods to just get through this one night and then I'll never leave the house until this is over.

Thank you for the music~ )
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Today there were too many people at work, so I took half day off to meet up with [ profile] maxsterism and [ profile] sapphire_1010 and find out what happened to our Layton preorders.

Turns out not only has it been in stock since the middle of March, they didn't call us AND gave some lame excuse that the stock was unsatisfactory and wanted to wait for the 2nd shipment before calling us yeaaaaaahhhh right. Then Saph called them yesterday morning and told yessss Max has already picked up 2 sets when he hadn't even called them.

This was made uglier when I was the only one who brought the reservation slip.

Had dinner at Popeye's with Max Saph Ezel Mika Vic Toki Neko, ate a ton of sweets, saw Max go *__* at arcade basketball players, learned it's not the DDR machine it's my tiny feet that doesn't register contact between wiring and panel (WHAT) met some of his friends who went and enjoyed themselves on their own, got lost sending Saph back because she got a bit disoriented and drove us into a great big jaaaaaam. Thankfully Max's friend Wen Sin is strong enough to withstand all these.

And now pictures!

Social Link go! )
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Isn't she a beauty? 8D
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If you're a fan of Joe Hisaishi or you REALLY REALLY loved the music in Departures and you haven't ganked the OST yet...

Here you go.

Five minutes FLAT. It's a new record! \m/.
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One day, someone made a TOTA doujin.

The title? Little Blue Riding Hood. Starring our favourite megane necromancer!

Download here!

If you liked TOTA, I'll enjoy this more than I did.
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[ profile] kimlim sent me this song and I've been hooked on it since:

It's prolly a crime of humiliation to boogie at work, but I like this song... .__.;;

And now, the Angels & Demons OST:

When I heard the Chevaliers de Sangreal theme reprised in the beginning, I squeed. LIKE A FANGIRL.

Bar none, the best track in the entire OST.

We hope you enjoyed this visit!


May. 18th, 2009 08:53 am
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I got a twitter @ dmjewelle.

Add me plz~

Hey Deru!

Nov. 24th, 2008 10:44 pm
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Me, [ profile] kemuridono, [ profile] minses, [ profile] elderg, [ profile] kimango, and [ profile] dai_kurotenshi found you the best birthday present in Singapore! It was like THE ONE RING.

Elder: I'm not meeting Deru anytime soon, can someone keep this?
Mintos: ME! ME! 8D
Me: NO YOU CAN'T you'll take it away for yourself!
Mintos: ;(
Me: I'll take it since I see Deru more often.
Elder: OK

So Elder is Gandalf and I'm Frodo and Mintos is Boromir and Max & Ezel are Legolas & Gimli and Kemu is Sam and KM & Dai are Merry and Pippin LOOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

By that definition...DERU YOU ARE MOUNT DOOM!!!!!!!!!!1111111 8D

So don't buy anything for yourself until AFTER December 10th!

Your hint picture lies within! )

AFA Report to come (hopefully by THIS MONTH yes)
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So the other day mum and I were looking at my wardrobe trying to pick out clothes for work...

Mum: I'm so sick of looking at your clothes. :(
Me: Yeah, me too. =\
Mum: Let's go get you some new stuff! :D
Me: OK! 8D

Ganked from [ profile] kemuridono:
This ain't a meme, but I do want to see the girls on my f-list post up clothing items that they love on their ljs. Pretty please? Your lovely faces/dresses/clothes/accessories. SHOW ME THEM CUZ AIN'T NO SHAME LADIES DO YOUR THANG.

Hur bad camwhoraging ahead you have been warned )
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It's not that the US version's voice acting was bad (The Japanese voice acting is pretty unvaried to start off - same gruff male voice for FIVE different characters) - they translated the script word for word from the Japanese text.

REAMS of awfully bad dialogue ahead - be forewarned! )

Hey Reins!

Sep. 24th, 2008 04:36 pm
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Your genes can now be a scapegoat! 8D

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It's THIS good.

I loled hard.
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Blame [ profile] axtar, not me.

Below are some of my favorite lines that I've ever written, each taken from a certain fic of mine. Anyone who manages to guess all the fics they are respectively from will get a drabble (of any specified fandom I'm familiar with) when my writer's block finally decides to take its leave.

1) It is a well-established fact that God will not have sex with You.


i)Hyundai Sonata (Elantra was taken, imagine that) was often told that he looked more like a ball-jointed doll owned by an epileptic scissor fetishist, as his long dark hair was more frizzy than crimped.

ii) One could hear the muffled voices of an irate janitor on the other end, shouting something along the lines of,"you crummy little kids if you don't open this door in ten seconds I'm-a gonna bring the hatchet and break the bloody door down….once I find the bloody hatchet…and the keys…damn you smart kids, you couldn't watch TV like everyone else could you?!"

3) It had patterns for people to look at and entertain themselves with while Mr Freud concluded that everyone who looked at the patterns had some sexual fixation.

4) Liam asked if it was worth it: Struggling through Death's realm, dragged down by outstretched arms and overwhelming guilt; deafened by the wails of the murdered and wronged; gouged blind by the claws of his ghosts; fatigued by the sweet call of eternal rest; all for the sake of unfinished business and to make a buttery, gooey, crumbly mess at the dining table on Sundays.

5) Apparently the amount of clothing a person wears is directly proportional to their mental capability.

6) i) “I don’t know what happened because I was unconscious, but I think it has something to do with the twelve empty cans of 100-Plus at the waiting bench.”

ii) “Are you sure? He looks like a Legendary Village Idiot.”

7) Then there were the disgruntled nutjobs, stressed at their workload and low rank and called the place “HELL” which just brought all sorts of disturbing connotations and controversies to the scandal-hungry media, who in turn had a field day highlighting the corruption, discrimination, and inequality of the common workers.

Places you can start guessing:

They ALL come from these anyway.
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By sheer stroke of luck, I have found the winner of the Animax Awards in 2004. If you haven't seen it yet, do so.

Torrent here.
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Remember the Aum Shinrikyo cult? The one who dumped nerve gas in the Tokyo subway and wreaked havoc?

Once I had to watch the documentary for pharmacology and they showed clips of the anime the cult apparently showed newcomers.

Here it is in its full-blown glory!

It's 7 minutes long, but by the first minute my head was aching something crazy. x___x If you know Japanese, don't get brainwashed!

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