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In case you weren't aware, there is a picture of Ben Whishaw with cat ears. The picture is real.

Truth is I don't like it.

And this is why )
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Which isn't good given how crappy the world is at the moment, but sometimes I just need to get angry.

The following is an educational post about how to ensure a smooth ride when you have to go for a blood test. I'm wondering whether to crosspost it to Facebook.

It may be slightly vitriolic, but nothing you haven't seen or heard before. )

And with that, I hope someone learns something out of this and stops making our lives hell. Then maybe everyone'll be happy and I'll be less misanthropic.

Haha you wish.
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EVERY time I'm sent to take blood from patients, one of two things inevitably occur:

1. Chinese patients start talking to me in chinese.
2. Non-chinese patients ask me about my race.

Remembering the fact while I do understand some chinese I'd be better off communicating in a language I can actually speak, this poses a problem when I do understand what they want but have no way to answer their question. I decide to go with the option of least resistance and speak in malay which causes massive alarm to spread all over their faces and go "sori sori, ingat lu orang Cina". (sorry, I thought you were Chinese)

Shortly after they'll ask if I'm REALLY not Chinese; I never give them the satisfaction of knowing. I just say "aaa", nod, and finish up.

(the reason for this is because I have gotten into massive debates with people on why it should be MANDATORY for me to learn mandarin and I AM NOT A TRUE CHINESE and I say screw you my family has not spoken mandarin for THREE GENERATIONS so I'm not interested in pursuing that dumbass argument UNLESS you can convince me there is a book on the secret to badassery written entirely in chinese.)

One lady went the extra mile and immediately assumed I'm Sabahan AND Kadazan (because Kadazans are like. So fair. Totally unlike my ACTUAL Kadazan-Chinese colleague who's two shades darker than me). So not only am I not Chinese because I don't speak any Chinese dialects, I'm now an ENTIRELY different ethnicity with a whole new hometown. That's just awesome.

Somewhere out there are a ton of people telling their friends about the lady who took their blood who they SWEAR looked chinese but really wasn't because...she didn't speak chinese! I kinda crack up thinking about that.

Times like this I feel like picking up Korean.


Patients of a different race obviously don't have that language assumption so their alarm bells start ringing when I talk to them in english/malay. Years of speaking nothing but malay has left me speaking like a native malay, and this confuses them greatly.

Once two Malay guys were hellbent on figuring out my race because "I look Chinese, talk like a Malay, but my hair looks like a foreigner's" (my hair had blonde streaks at that time). Recently I told a patient these days Chinese people look Malay and vice versa and he inclined to agree and that closed the topic.

Once a man (in a gurney no less!) asked if I was CHINDIAN because I didn't have the chinese-accented english he was accustomed to. This is not the first time - I've been asked this in uni before.

me: You don't sound like a pure Indian yourself...
him: Actually yeah, I'm Indian-Portugese.
me: So english was your first language I presume?
him: you're mixed?
me: ...I don't think that's solely the domain of the mixed-blood.

And that was that.


Maybe because I work so closely with people (HOW UNLIKE A MISANTHROPE WTF IS THIS SH*T) I notice that for all the unity and harmony Malaysians strive for, we have stereotypes because we see so often it's the norm. Chinese people MUST speak chinese and if they speak any other ranguage we must have that chineeees-accent [/russell peters] no matter what, and god help them if some anomaly comes along. Even if we come to terms with May 13 or revamp the Constitution or WHATEVER, we'll always have these preconceived notions because there are so many things that prove this is the stereotype, this is WHY it's a stereotype; no amount of social reconditioning will change that because it's ingrained so deeply in our daily lives. Sure you can accept Ah Kong's way of life, but it won't stop you from wondering why he speaks fluent Norwegian the first time he does it.

But dayamn I love screwing with people's heads. <3
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On Friday night, strange red spotty blisters appeared on my torso. I thought "Oh please please please please please don't let it be chicken pox NOW I got VGL and the Sakimoto concert to go please please please pleeeeeeaseeee."

Guess what I got diagnosed with on Saturday :D

But no way was I going to miss something I paid a crapton of money for, so I covered myself up (as much as I could without resorting to a burqa), took the LRT, and sat in one spot inhaling antivirals and making deals with gods to just get through this one night and then I'll never leave the house until this is over.

Thank you for the music~ )
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On the 2nd of January I found no less than THREE people starting on Project 365 (one was doing Project 365 #2!). And then I remembered the other three people who did Project 365 last year and didn't make it.

One day someone asked me how did I manage to have the drive to complete Project 365. Granted, it's not that hard, but maybe someone out there would like a tutorial on how to actually take 365 photos and upload them.

So because I'm feeling very shamelessly thick faced...

How to take a picture every day religiously and not get sick of it! )


Aug. 11th, 2009 08:43 am
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H1N1 is...stressing me out for the wrong reasons.

For the 50 gazillion people who haven't heard from me lately, I've been putting in extra hours at work due to the pandemic. My department (Microbiology/Serology) handles a type of screening test for respiratory viruses (we call it the RSV test), of which currently me and my colleague are the only two people who know how to run this test because it is entirely manual (except for a nifty fluorescent microscope). Since it's done in-house and detects Influenza A (but NOT H1N1), doctors have been using it as an alternative (more expensive too!) to throat swabs sent to IMR for H1N1 detection. So from what used to be maybe 5-6 samples a week, we're getting 20-30 samples a DAY.


So all that said, what's my point?

- I'm trying to say that while the percentage of H1N1 is low, it's also no fun to have everyone coughing into your face and having your sleeve grabbed and being asked if you're going to die every single minute of the day. Sure being healthy reduces your chances of dying because it's not the Spanish flu, but that's like saying being healthy protects you from cholera. Currently people aren't dying because their immunity can take it or the virus isn't that strong. But when you have reports of Tamiflu-resistant H1N1 emerging, figuring when the 2nd wave will come is like a time bomb. If we're all sodded, the mutation will probably be resistant to everything and kill able-bodied people like the Spanish flu did. When that time comes, you won't even be bitching whether you can make it for GACC because you'll be too busy trying to stay alive.

- While you might be strong enough to combat H1N1, there are people who aren't. There'll be small kids at GACC, definitely. Say you had mild symptoms. You accidentally cough in the vicinity of a child. That child gets H1N1, but you'll never know because there'll be thousands in the hall and anyone could've given the kid the flu. Masks help, but eventually face and breath moisture will render the masks useless and you'll need to change it often since the virus spreads through fluids. It's not so much as protecting yourself from the flu as it is protecting others from it.

- People complaining about the lack of Tamiflu is also not legit. Antivirals are expensive and in limited supply (we're not Australia who has enough to vaccinate EVERYBODY. Yes. Even [ profile] flat_foot. And [ profile] aitakute. And especially [ profile] hooli. Hooli~! T_T), and there's the normal flu going around to boot. The chances of you having H1N1 is 1 in 20 people (just sayin'), and if we give out Tamiflu like raffle tickets we won't have enough for the ONE unfortunate bugger who HAS H1N1. Like [ profile] hisashi_glay. You better not be taking our Tamiflu supply, bloody hoarder.

- H1N1 samples require a throat swab. Having taken a throat swab a few weeks back and gagged like a MOFO in ER, this is the ONLY reason I don't want to catch it. >_____<

- I'm not going to GACC. You shouldn't too. It's a social responsibility.

OH CRAP I'M LATE. Here, read this while you wait! ><

PS: Maximum distance of transmission for H1N1 virus: 1 meter.
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I want a journal.

Either hardcover or softcover, so it can fit into my bag. I wouldn't mind carrying a bag forever if I got attached to it.
Either a nice solid black or with some patterns, but nothing that says JOURNAL on the cover. That's just too obvious.
Something with lines so I can write orderly, but perhaps no lines are good so I can cram more on the pages. Or doodle stuff I see on the spot.
Something thick, so that it'll last me some time.
Something that doesn't have dates like the daily diary I use, so that I won't feel compelled to write ONLY on a particular date and leave the other pages blank.

Yeah, a journal would be good.
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So I saw a snatch thief at 8 AM today.

- As I was driving down the road outside my house, a bright blue motorbike with 2 Malay guys (driver in red, pillion in black) comes from the opposite direction and turns into the main road to the shops.
- As I drive nearer, they turn back and wait at the junction. ALARM BELLS RINGING PART ONE
- I look on the right side and see a young Chinese lady walking with two bags (handbag, larger bag) being held loosely. ALARM BELLS RING WOOP WOOP WOOP
- I slow down past the motorcycle, motorcycle speeds up and heads to the woman!
- I brake and see there's a struggle in my rear view mirror. The motorcycle actually stopped for her. How kind!
- So me, I think LET'S REVERSE INTO THEM and shift gears but then realised too late my gear was in NEUTRAL. HAHAHAHAH FAIL ORZ.
- They sped past me and then I drove forward to chase them, but you know how SS2/2 has SEVEN ROAD BUMPS and I am a car. Also, the pillion covered the back license plate.
- God damn.

And then my dad gives me the scolding of my life for thinking I'M FREAKING BATMAAAAAAAAN.

But as a colleague says, that is the angle of a parent.
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So a colleague (let's call her K) was doing a night call a while back:

1. She receives a blood sample from ER around 2 AM.
2. She runs it, and it gives an abnormally low reading.
3. Concerned, she calls the consulting doctor at 2 AM; the doctor tells her to repeat the test with a new sample.
4. She goes and retakes the sample; the readings are normal (seems since ER took the sample, they took it from a drip vein, which might've affected the readings).

Mistake averted, all is good, life goes on right?


K receives TWO complaint letters: one from the consulting doctor, one from management.

- Doctor complains about BEING WOKEN UP AT 2 AM OMG. Hello, you're a DOCTOR. You're supposed to be ON CALL FOREVER. If we can't consult you because it's YOUR PATIENT, WHO are we supposed to consult? If the first result was released because we didn't want to wake you up, wouldn't you make a pissier fit??

- Management makes a complaint because the doctor complained to them. Their complaint? For wasting valuable lab resources. Like ELECTRICITY (for machines that run 24/7). And REAGENTS (for tests that take up a few DROPS of 4L worth). And TIME (because suddenly we don't need to be accurate ANYMORE). Hey management, how about we don't have a LAB anymore? Then you won't have to worry we're wasting precious electricity on machines that, you know, help DIAGNOSE your patients? Let's just have all the doctors sleep and telepathically read their patients' blood tests using REM, that'll TOTALLY save costs during a recession!

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I'm sick, and this is the first time I'm touching the comp (let alone getting out of bed) in 24 hours.

What a way to kick off a new year.
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So awesome.
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It's not that the US version's voice acting was bad (The Japanese voice acting is pretty unvaried to start off - same gruff male voice for FIVE different characters) - they translated the script word for word from the Japanese text.

REAMS of awfully bad dialogue ahead - be forewarned! )
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So I finished KH2 Proud Mode cheatless (PS2 refused to load cheats for the game) and finally finally got to see the Secret Movie after 2 years (applaws!).

You know what they say about how you feel accomplished when you play with your own effort and on a higher difficulty than what you're used to?


I'll take the gameshark any time. Everyone else can go to hell.
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that I could strangle you all.
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Referring to this, the following conversations occurred soon after :

Dad: You sent [ profile] ezelthecheezel home and drove back alone?? Men can WALK home, so nice for what! >(

(was slightly placated after telling him [ profile] _deru stayed REALLY near. I think he's still pissed.)

Mum: You should ENCOURAGE them to go, what kind of lousy jerk are you letting them not go just like that! This is his FAREWELL party, you can see other friends at other times, but he'll be gone for a LONG time! They should be ashamed of themselves for not going! And just because you have a grudge over issues is just being petty, they should still go!
Me: I didn't do anything! @@
Mum: And that's EXACTLY what's wrong with you! >(

As much as this will make a ton of people feel bad, if I'm going to be blamed by my mum because people don't love [ profile] lonelydark more, you gotta be kidding if I'm keeping it to myself. =__=

Seriously [ profile] lonelydark, if you don't haul ass and visit her before you go I'm kicking yours the next time you touch Malaysian soil.
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It had to come NOW??? >___=

*dreads the whitepants tomorrow ahahaha*
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Not in time for [ profile] kitmun's planned doujin, that's for sure. And even then it'll be crap.

(everyone please send some of your short stories to her so she can compile and sell something so she doesn't have to sit on a chair all day and draw art commissions)
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Quote, "Another special guest will be Final Fantasy XII composer Hitoshi Sakimoto, who is set to attend the event in Sydney."

Sydney Concert Details:

Verbrugghen Hall
Sydney Conservatorium of Music
Macquarie Street, Sydney
Saturday 16th December 2006 - 3pm & 7:30pm



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