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I finally decided to put up my cosplay stuff for sale!

(I haven't posted this to the CF forum yet because I haven't decided on a payment method and passing the items to people, any suggestions to improve this post would be welcome!)

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I will put up the wig pictures another time.
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I finally got around to clearing my manga stash, and I've decided to sell off some of my comics. Most of them are due to:

- Finally realising I can't understand Chinese anyway, so it's pointless keeping them.
- Finally realising I never liked these series much anyway.

Take a look! :3

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I found several gashapon machines at Toys R Us, only ONE had Air Gear. --> Pictures for reference

I got once each except Akito, they go for about RM8 each (I don't mind selling them between RM5 - 7), anybody interested?

And no you can't have Agito because it took me AGES to get him (I was praying in front of the machine going PLEASE PLEASE OH GOD PLEASE GIMME AGITO PLEEEEASE - the guy at the service counter can attest to it). Or Simca, because she's pretty. Everyone else is fair game.

Interested? ^^;

EDIT: Atticus has taken Ringo - Ikki and SukuMi Kamen remain.

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