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Area C3 Competition had three contestants: One withdrew, the other one was picked by his club because he had no contest experience. It's like the stars aligned and said I can only advance if my competition is NONEXISTENT.

How is this supposed to make this feel good about winning is beyond me.

Farce aside, I get to challenge the BAD ASS BALD MAN again! So it works out.

And if you're wondering how BAD ASS he is:

For more, search for "Stephen Fernando" in youtube.

Next round: April 3rd (Saturday), UMW Shah Alam, 1 PM

New Cycle?

Feb. 23rd, 2010 01:14 am
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Many thanks to [ profile] _deru, [ profile] bunnychan86, and [ profile] ithronluin for coming for my club competition to support me and take pictures of us! X3

2nd place for Table Topics, 1st for the International Speech Contest.

Joy aside, permit me to be honestly arrogant.

If this was an Area/Division level contest, I wouldn't have placed at all.
- I ran out of time waffling on one point, omitted one point, and everyone sensed the nervousness in my voice.
- The better speaker forgot a point and faltered.
- The second better speaker couldn't continue her speech at ALL after the first paragraph. Nobody knows what happened, not even her.
- The potential speaker gave a factual speech about cockroaches. ROACHES. D:
- The last speaker gave a factual speech about snoring.

So I only won because I was the one-eyed jack in the land of the blind.

Seeing competitions for almost 2 years has taught me that the best speeches are the inspirational ones. The ones that have the chicken soup sentimentality and heartwarming life lessons that we can all take home in our hearts to remind ourselves that we are capable of change and improvement and all the happy shiny things. If you organise your points and cap it off with some theatrics (but be sincere!), your chances of winning go up by 80%. This is honestly ridiculous when it comes to the Humourous Speech Contest (WHY would you want a MESSAGE in a HUMOUR speech?!), but a good strategy for the International Speech Contest. This isn't sincere hotblooded victory; this is a coldly calculated hypothesis I have decided to test out and with a lot of luck (I ran out of time and omitted a point but kept the theatrics), it worked.

But as hollow as the victory is, I'm going for the Area C3 competition next month and if I win (pray!) I'll qualify for Division (where the REAL competition is!). My goal is to polish the speech I have now, use it, and see if my hypothesis is correct - that all you need to win is to summarize a Mitch Albom book in 7 minutes. I'm not sure if I want to win and be even more cynical, but if people remember my speech (I'm now known in some circles as HEY IT'S THE SKIRT GIRL), maybe it won't be as bad as I think it'll be.

But let's take one step at a time for now. I WON WH00 YEAH \m/.
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So I was up against 2 past winners (with their names engraved on the trophy), a typical HOT BLOODED SHOUNEN college student, and the underdog.

And the hugeass trophy goes to... )
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Since I'm up against a veteran who's seen what I'm capable of, this may be the last chance I'll be making the SAME SPEECH.

Toastmasters Division C Humourous Speech Competition

Date: 18th October (Saturday, so you now have no reason to miss it)
Place: Segi College auditorium (The Segi College next to Summit, where [ profile] silvennia studies)
Time: 2 PM
Price: RM10 (tickets sold at the door)

And now, meme!

The desktop meme )
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Toastmasters Area C4 Humourous Speech Contest

8th October (Wednesday)
Summit Auditorium (I dunno where it is either's in The Summit...)
6.30 PM

- Might need to prepare entry fee if not Toastmasters member. Shouldn't be more than RM10.
- Be punctual - they'll lock the doors once the competition starts (chances are they MIGHT not start at 6.30 sharp, but it's not an invite to drop in at 7.30).
- It will HOPEFULLY finish at 10 PM.

I'm certainly not expecting a battalion to arrive, but if you want to support me (and see if I muck up this round), come by all means. ^^
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Thanks to:

- [ profile] flat_foot, [ profile] immanuel_aj for popping over during the competition (and annoying me XD)
- [ profile] kimango, [ profile] mistressnaoko, [ profile] ilunari, [ profile] elderg, [ profile] _deru, [ profile] evo7gal, and everyone else on IRC that night for helping me brainstorm.

Next stop: Area-level competition, 8th October.

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