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I was passing by the pantry and saw Ko in a polo t-shirt.

Me:'ve grown moobs.
Ko: Yay, now I can play with my own boobs instead of someone else's! *jiggles chest*
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Shortly after I attended a Miyavi concert, I suffered neck and wrist pain from headbanging too much ([ profile] lady_sb calls it Post-Live Syndrome). On Friday I went to see the doctor to ask for some cream to put on the neck. The current staff health doctor is an old lady (for context), so after waiting for an hour to see her:

Me: I have a stiff neck from-
Dr: *looks at file* Do you get this often?
Me: Eh? Well, only when I don't get much sle-
Dr: Do you use a computer often?
Me: -well, I guess so-
Dr: I'm sending you to do an xray to rule out cervical spondylosis. Do it now!

This is all well and good because the last doctor I saw wouldn't let me do an xray, but then:

But then indeed! )
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...on MSN at least.

Edited for spelling mistakes!


God says:
have you heard about a case of a hiv-positive man cheating 193 men out of money and sex?

Lady sb says:
yes i saw that!
he seduced them
what about the man that cheated the ppl?
btw have you been playing farmville
i worry about this english countryside thing they are promoting
im like

God says:
you will get a 2nd farm
you will breed sheep like nobody's business
when i heard about that cheating case, the first thing that came to mind was gender equality.

Lady sb says:
and yes breeding sheep
they should have a sheep stable

God says:
most likely!

Lady sb says:
and i realise what you mean by gender equality

God says:
now we need a woman to con men to complete the circle!

Lady sb says:
im currently watching this show on mtv
called plain jane
where they take a plain jane
and infect them with aids?

and it's like
one of these makeover shows
it makes you wonder
if there is one locally
ive seen it on 8tv
i wonder
how does one apply for that

God says:
i wonder too.
maybe they have details at the end


Perhaps someday I shall talk about the strange series of dreams I've had at work because the lab is too damn cold.


Feb. 8th, 2011 04:45 pm
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My dad came to ask me what I would prefer to eat for dinner before heading to work:

Dad: Would you like to eat fried rice with chicken...
Me: *suspense*
Dad: ...Or WHITE RICE with chicken?
Me: *headdesk*

And then much laughs were had.
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[ profile] maxsterism and I were passing by The Library @ Cineleisure when this ensued:

"Now this is a library I hope I never go into."
"Why not? The librarians would be hot!"
"They'll remove their glasses and go 'Sir, are you looking for anything?'"
"'Not really, I'm just browsing through your racks.'"
"'Ooh, I think I'd like to check YOU out!'"
"'Do you have your card sir?'"
"'Why yes I do!' *flash credit card*"

So on so forth; I'm pretty sure there were more, but I can't remember.
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Bumped into [ profile] minses and [ profile] elderg while having dinner with [ profile] evo7gal.

Now that I try to remember what started the topic...I can't remember.

But it involves [ profile] kemuridono...and an emu.

With many apologies to Kemu...whom I'm not sure visits LJ anymore. )

Once again if you're reading this Kemu we're EXTREMELY sorry for having fun at your expense, but it really just popped out of nowhere. m(_ _)m

We hope the rest of you enjoyed it.
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I'll put up the meme answers another post and you can just contact me for my opinion on Eva 2.0 (I'm up for WATCHING IT AGAIN, that say anything to you?) but for now...


*weeps in corner*

Fate please be kind T__T
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Hello! *waves*

Who are you, and why are you stopping by my LJ? :)

(gimme your answer in the comments box)
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Me: Why is there a scratch on your nose?
KL: Catfight.
Me: You're not a cat.
KL: Bitchfight.
Me: You're not a bitch.
KL: Son of a bitchfight.
Me: That's more like it.
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Isn't she a beauty? 8D
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One day, someone made a TOTA doujin.

The title? Little Blue Riding Hood. Starring our favourite megane necromancer!

Download here!

If you liked TOTA, I'll enjoy this more than I did.
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Clinical history on patient's request form: Pneumonia
Me: ...As opposed to oldmonia?
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Spring Cleaning + Post-Reunion Dinner = OLD PHOTOGRAPHS 8D

Warning: Contains photos. )
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[ profile] hiimdaisy has the most hilarious MGS comics ever. Yeah s/he does some Mario and Zelda and Phoenix Wright comics but the METAL GEAR SOLID ONES are the ones you should read first because s/he's summed up the first 2 MGS games in the godliest way possible. The best part? You don't need to play the games to get it.


And so you don't feel your life is wasted, here's a meme under the cut!

The new meme where you get to know your flist - Ganked from Jac'kee! )

I need to start filling this up on everyone else's LJ...
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Everyone knows that Comic Fiesta is THE event to see our much-loved anime characters outside of their respective anime or game. Sometimes, even 2-dimensional characters take some time off from their public image to hide away from the crowd and indulge in some...private...rendezvouses (this is not a word, don't use it in more respectable newspapers!). We see our fair share of yaoi fanservice at this time of year but this time, our eagle-eyed reporter spotted something scandalous outside the confines of Comic Fiesta!



Hey Deru!

Nov. 24th, 2008 10:44 pm
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Me, [ profile] kemuridono, [ profile] minses, [ profile] elderg, [ profile] kimango, and [ profile] dai_kurotenshi found you the best birthday present in Singapore! It was like THE ONE RING.

Elder: I'm not meeting Deru anytime soon, can someone keep this?
Mintos: ME! ME! 8D
Me: NO YOU CAN'T you'll take it away for yourself!
Mintos: ;(
Me: I'll take it since I see Deru more often.
Elder: OK

So Elder is Gandalf and I'm Frodo and Mintos is Boromir and Max & Ezel are Legolas & Gimli and Kemu is Sam and KM & Dai are Merry and Pippin LOOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

By that definition...DERU YOU ARE MOUNT DOOM!!!!!!!!!!1111111 8D

So don't buy anything for yourself until AFTER December 10th!

Your hint picture lies within! )

AFA Report to come (hopefully by THIS MONTH yes)
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It's not that the US version's voice acting was bad (The Japanese voice acting is pretty unvaried to start off - same gruff male voice for FIVE different characters) - they translated the script word for word from the Japanese text.

REAMS of awfully bad dialogue ahead - be forewarned! )


Jul. 7th, 2008 12:41 am
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So I was reading an article on Vagrant Story, which led to an interview with Alexander O. Smith (the translator of Vagrant Story and FF12), which led to his official website, which led to his resume, which led to a list of reviews on games he'd worked on, which led to a link to my centuries-old review of Vagrant Story on Tripod. --> WHAT. THE. FUCK. D8

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My mum and I went to Singapore on Thursday morning to attend the LOTR Symphony, but since that concert was on Friday, that gave us about 1.5 days' exploration time.

Thus befitting my nature, I went about Singapore like a touristy moron.

Picture-heavy and full of stupid antics; You may never want me to wander Singapore solo EVER AGAIN. )
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Today [ profile] osakaromanesque was awesome enough to let me watch her do her photo essay assignment (m(_ _)m).

So while waiting for her pics...

How to tell you have a hit on your hands )

(With sincere apologies to just about everyone in the pictures, the colourblind and anyone else who's plain offended.)

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