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Imposing my opinions on Neko!Whishaw on the nonexistent world!

In case you weren't aware, there is a picture of Ben Whishaw with cat ears. The picture is real.

Truth is I don't like it.

The story goes that a fan made it, went to see Ben Whishaw after the theatre show, asked him to put it on and took a picture. And of course he put it on. Why wouldn't he? He's Ben Whishaw, woodland creature extraordinaire. This is the guy who stays back after every show to sign stuff for his fans, sign stuff for autograph hunters (because no fan asks a person to sign SIX glossies of the SAME Skyfall pic from a massive folder, I saw this), chats with fans, takes pictures, speaks Korean for request videos, sometimes hugs them upon request - he's nice. He's absolutely, damnably, obliging and he's the only person in the last 6 years who took the effort to get my name right.

And the problem with being nice is that people start to take advantage of nice people.

Giving him cat ears is like a random person going up to a cosplayer and saying, "Hey I made these cat ears for you/your character, could you put these on and take a pic with me?" and in normal circumstances if a cosplayer is feeling uncomfortable with it, they can (and probably will) decline. The reasoning is that you're projecting your cat-ear fantasies on them and while some won't mind indulging, it's also a case of knowing your limits.

And in this case it feels like the Woodland creature!Whishaw thing taken too far. It's no longer about being up and close with your favourite actor and interacting with him, since he's so rare and adowable might as well project your kawaii fantasies on the guy because WHY NOT. People will argue that "he didn't say no", but he won't say no because he's goddamn Ben Whishaw! Does that mean you'll make him wear a dress and dance the hula if he doesn't say no? What's next, asking him to kiss your cute gay friend for pics? I mean why not you've got him in cat ears it's only a matter of time before someone takes it to eleven. By then you're not even a fan, you're just being disrespectful to another human being.

I don't think he freaks out easily but I don't want him treated like a fangirl's fantasy, is all.

...That, and he just looks like a HOBO with cat ears in that pic! At least pretend to look cute lah! =_=;