Dec. 18th, 2010 12:53 am
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Right, I've got a ring and a wig that came in the nick of time but my lights aren't working so I'm figuring out how to style it (it needs some trimming) but otherwise I'm all packed and ready to go!

See you at CF!
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I can't remember at what point my colleagues discovered I cosplay (might be the leave I take during CF, I dunno), but I always feel like I disappoint them greatly when I confess my cosplays aren't as mind-blowingly epic as what they're used to seeing (like pictures in newspapers, CF pics, etc). However it *is* nice that some of them do take a mild interest and ask me what am I cosplaying this year, or why are some people so god damn epic, or whether I have sexy friends (remember the assholic perv? Yeah. =____= He's also a god damn ungrateful fatass potato. But let's think of better things).

So anyway I was talking to Pearl about my weekend (which involved ridiculously cheap Stage cosmetics) and packing for CF and all.

Pearl: So how's your cosplay coming along?
me: It's pretty much ready, but my wig's not here yet-
Pearl: D8
me: But it's ok, a friend loaned me her wig as backup, so all is not lost! ^^b
Pearl: D8
me: It's ok, really! ^^;
Pearl: You're cosplaying a male character, right? What do you do with your boobs, bind them? It must be uncomfortable!
me: Well these days we have these nice comfy chest binders, they've got elastic that pushes the breasts back so while it's tight it's still comfortable and I can breathe just fine. ^^
Pearl: D8
me: It's a step up from the good old days of bandages and sports tape!
Pearl: You guys are MASOCHISTS. DDDDDD8

I never even thought about it that way! O_O

5 Days to CF!
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Everyone knows that Comic Fiesta is THE event to see our much-loved anime characters outside of their respective anime or game. Sometimes, even 2-dimensional characters take some time off from their public image to hide away from the crowd and indulge in some...private...rendezvouses (this is not a word, don't use it in more respectable newspapers!). We see our fair share of yaoi fanservice at this time of year but this time, our eagle-eyed reporter spotted something scandalous outside the confines of Comic Fiesta!


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Does anyone recall this one American video of one guy who interviews cosplayers with a constant O____o expression on his face simply because the cossers describing their characters sounded so bizarre in real life? Ends with one bad Sephiroth cosplayer saying:

"And I have lots of fangirls."
guy: ...Where are they? *camera pans around empty hall*
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By now the whole world should know I bought a "Lockon wig" from [ profile] carneaglariel.

So what IS a Lockon Wig?

THIS is a Lockon wig! )

Christmas Gift Toy & MySpace Layouts at

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Tagged by [ profile] firnheledien

01. Post the rules

02. Answer each question truthfully

03. Tag 3-5 people at the end

now with pictures )


[ profile] kemuridono
[ profile] axtar
[ profile] yuncyn
[ profile] shoji_tokairin
[ profile] _deru
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1. If I had to sell one of my cosplay costumes, which should I sell off (Try to refrain from asking me what I want to sell off, because if I knew what I wanted to sell off I wouldn't ask for suggestions)?

- Ludwig
- Citan
- Tamaki
- Lloyd

2. Does anyone have a Hachikuro Nomiya-esque wig they could lend me for a day (Not CF)?

3. If I were to cosplay this character , would it be better to use my current hairstyle, or straighten it?

Thanks in advance~!
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So we found that the area around the MPPJ building around 12+ AM is really, really, really, really, good for a night cosplay photoshoot.

Things you can cosplay there:

- Code Geass (Government building! Pizza Hut!)
- Darker Than Black
- Persona 3
- Grand Theft Auto
- Subarashiki Kono Sekai
- Kingdom Hearts 2
- Jigoku Shoujo
- Evangelion (Misato, Kaji, Shinji, REI)
- The Bouncer
- Guilty Gear/Fighting games (CHOOSE YOUR STAGE: Menara MPPJ!)
- Blood +

We're trying to hit a date in October, during the 3-day Hari Raya weekend or any Saturday night of your choice. It can ONLY be done from 11.30 PM onwards though, because that's when it's emptiest.

Anyone up for it? :3
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I feel like making myself happy, so I'm planning next year's cosplay.

I can only do one costume, so...


Anti-royalist angsty bishie shmuck Maximillien Robespierre of anime Le Chevalier D'Eon, master of unrivaled HARD GAY techniques learnt from BOOK

or THIS:

Frederic Chopin, shmuck dying from a debilitating disease whose piano music was SO AWESOME (and sodding UNPLAYABLE *chucks manuscript*) Namco HAD to make a game with him in it.

THanks for helping! 8D
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One day Lloyd went to the lab to check up on the development of the Lancelot.

Read more... )

Location: HELP College Learning Space Lab (thanks [ profile] ithronluin!)
Photographer: Christy/Vironia
Date: 5th May 2007, during C2AGE
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...Surely there must be a way to make a good tall crossplay without those BLOODY PLATFORM STILETTOS?

I mean....the man's old, he wouldn't wear those! =__=
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As expected, the actual Lloyd wig came on the Monday AFTER GACC.

Much thanks and cookies to [ profile] carneaglariel for getting it for me! <3

(and yes I'm aware it's another wig post in a long line of better wig posts, I just remembered I needed to test the wig anyway.)

A-ha~ )
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hora )

Location: Central Market Annexe, 3rd floor upwards. Pics courtesy of [ profile] kimango's handphone.

Really empty. Nice innit?
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Deru = Coat done, needs patch
Me = Done, need to lose weight and bind

Nao = Rai's coat
Juu = Wild's coat, get her to dry clean it too
Ciel = ?????'s coat

Yuuchan = not around therefore no coat --> pay with deru's life, find way to get coat.
Roxanne = Has coat, but...?
Iluna = Has coat....
Yukina = Must make her cosplay....Nekozawa? Haruhi? >_>

Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa x___x
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This morning mum looked at a small anime booklet and came up to me and said, "This is a nice design, why don't you cosplay this girl next time? Her clothes look practical too!"

She was pointing to Sakura from Naruto.
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I need to take my wig to be trimmed/styled ASAP before I end up with a RM120 wigcap.
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4 episodes of Code Geass (no full-blown Pizza Hut yet!), and now I'm sorely tempted to cosplay this guy:

"Lloyd Asplund (ロイド・アスブルンド, Roido Asuburundo)?, (Seiyū: Tetsu Shiratori)
The developer of the elite Knightmare Frame Lancelot. His heart and soul are fully immersed in science, so much that he proclaims he views Suzaku as a tool and part of the Frame that he pilots."

...Not good. >.>

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