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I'm no good at making life updates because I've always felt that some things are better off being told in person.

But after telling the same story five times in a row, something needs to be done.

In here be piccies of life. Very boring. )

And that's my life update for this part of the year. We hope you enjoyed it!
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What do you know, we're down to the day I left Japan!

26 July 2010 - I'm leaving on whatever plane JAL uses )

And that's it for my Japan trip! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! m(_ _)m

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section and I'll reply!

(FINALLY I can get back to posting nonsense on my LJ mwahahaha)
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Good evening, I hope your National Day celebrations were good! I haven't had the mood to update since I watched Inception. Eames/Arthur withdrawal is a terrible thing, you know.

But we're not here to talk about that. No, you want PICSPAAAAAAMMMMM.

25 July 2010 - The great variety of human wishes, tonkatsu, and My Hell now involves walking and sunlight. )
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Hello, it's been a long time since the last post! I forgot there's another two days to go, and I've finally decided to do something with my life!

24 July 2010 - Asakusa, CFers, and SUPRAIZ KARAOKE )
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Greetings! I had a debilitating case of food poisoning and stomach pains that cost me one nights' sleep and 6 hours' worth of food, but I'm much better now! Let's get on with the report show!

23 July 2010 - Sushi, Universities, and History! Also, ramen. )
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Today I'd just like to point out that each entry takes me at least 3 hours to put together, so seeing people enjoying my posts does make all this effort worthwhile. Thank you for reading! :)

And now, Gazette's opening concert!

22 July 2010 - The Gazette: Nameless Liberty Six Bullets )
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Apparently all of you just want to know what happened at the butler cafe.

Y'all are such deprived people.

21 June 2010 - Also, Atelier Boz kicks my ass. )
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In this LJ entry: The Japanese equivalent of Shah Alam, a Really Cute Dog, the horrors of East Ikebukuro, and Dir En Grey. Oh yes this is going to be a LONG ASSED POST.

Flying Vending Machine Count: Still 0.

20 July 2010 - The Unwavering Fact of Tomorrow )
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Every morning in Tokyo, we'd walk past a bakery called Vie de France. One regret I have is not taking pics of the pastry I eat every day because OH GOD IT TASTES SO GOOD I FORGET MY CAMERA EXISTS. They'd have savoury stuff like hash browns and onions and pork croquette with other stuff and sweet stuff like cheese & raspberry jam with powdered sugar on top. On my last day there I caved and ate TWO pastries, calories be damned.

Delifrance can go suck a stale baguette.

19 July, 2010 - Getting a feel of heaven, getting lost, and getting into trouble. )
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So now I finally have some net time to myself, I can proceed with the travel log!

18 July, 2010 - Getting a feel for Tokyo )
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While everyone was living it up at C2Age and laughing at people at Bon Odori, I went to Japan.

Yeah you heard that right: While you're wishing you lived the Japanese dream and scorned everyone else who seemed like they were just mocking it, I went to see the Japanese Dream instead.

17 July 2010 - Night of Departure )
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By some grotesque twist of fate, I had to go to Kuantan again after a mere 8 months!

Longer, photo-intensiv-er, but still cut )

Looking back at the trip, I think I need one more round in Kuantan - the reason being my handphone ran out of memory and my camera batteries kept DYING on me. I need to take a few more shots of:

- The town bus depot. There's the big depot that gets buses from out of state, and there's the buses that goes around town. There's NONE btw. THERE ARE NO TOWN BUSES IN KUANTAN. NO TAXIS EITHER.
- The only Hindu temple I saw, and the FIRST Indian couple I saw in Kuantan!! 8D
- Kuantan town in general, because [ profile] immanuel_aj asked me what it looked like.
- The last standing Petmal petrol station (if it's still there next time).
- McCorner!!
- Kg. New Zealand, found somewhere on the highway. Apparently Lyndon B. Johnson visited one Felda settlement and they named the village after him too.
- Mentakab. Twice to Kuantan and none to my birthplace. Something is wrong.

Road trip anyone? We'll eat curry porridge too!
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Day 1 of Kuantan trip here

Day 2 )

Which leads us to DAY THREE.

Day 3 )

The end, hope you liked it!
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I was in Kuantan over the weekend attending a wedding.

Of course, that means ROAD TRIP TIEM.

Warning: Contains photos. )

And that's it for DAY ONE. Yes it was that epic; there's also videos.
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Spring Cleaning + Post-Reunion Dinner = OLD PHOTOGRAPHS 8D

Warning: Contains photos. )
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By now the whole world should know I bought a "Lockon wig" from [ profile] carneaglariel.

So what IS a Lockon Wig?

THIS is a Lockon wig! )

Christmas Gift Toy & MySpace Layouts at

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So the other day mum and I were looking at my wardrobe trying to pick out clothes for work...

Mum: I'm so sick of looking at your clothes. :(
Me: Yeah, me too. =\
Mum: Let's go get you some new stuff! :D
Me: OK! 8D

Ganked from [ profile] kemuridono:
This ain't a meme, but I do want to see the girls on my f-list post up clothing items that they love on their ljs. Pretty please? Your lovely faces/dresses/clothes/accessories. SHOW ME THEM CUZ AIN'T NO SHAME LADIES DO YOUR THANG.

Hur bad camwhoraging ahead you have been warned )
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My mum and I went to Singapore on Thursday morning to attend the LOTR Symphony, but since that concert was on Friday, that gave us about 1.5 days' exploration time.

Thus befitting my nature, I went about Singapore like a touristy moron.

Picture-heavy and full of stupid antics; You may never want me to wander Singapore solo EVER AGAIN. )
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How are you today?

As Kemu told you, I had a totally random ghetto photoshoot on Monday. Here, have some pics!

The body is a house of many windows: there we all sit, showing ourselves and crying on the passers-by to come and love us.
- Robert Louis Stevenson

Click HERE

Have a nice day!
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Meine Liebe Photoshoot of D00mage pics here!

Special thanks to Kemu and Keitsu for becoming photographers at the last minute and [ profile] kitmun for cossing Camus, and having enough 1337 skillz to photoshop out a watch. m(_ _)m

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