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Hello! It's my last day in London!


And that wraps up my London travel log! Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! m(_ _)m
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Hello, after the excitement over the week let's have a more relaxing Sunday by paying someone a visit!

Like those storybooks about visiting and having tea.... )

That's it for our (mostly) last night in London!
Next up: Down memory (ghetto) lane, shopping, the biggest regret ever, and homeward!
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Hello, apologies and thank you for your patience. Today we hit the road to Oxford!

 photo P5180376_zpsa1a6e12f.jpg

The Dearth of Wit )

And that's it for the entire day! Thank you again for reading! The next two days will be a relaxing read compared to this madness.
Next up: Housecalling the English way!
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After getting picture fatigue from rereading my own blog posts, today I'm going to try something different and split the day into two parts. That way you won't get sick of looking at pics and I won't look like the obnoxious neighbour who won't stop showing you pictures.

Today we are going to Oxford & Cambridge! Why? There's nothing to see, you say. Because if I can never study there I might as well traipse around and yearn like the failure I am meant to be.

Let us now Oxford on to Cambridge! )

Thank you for slogging through Part 1! Have a nice evening!
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Hello, I hope the last entry didn't crash your computers. Today is also a picture-heavy one, so if you're thinking OH GOD NOT AGAIN please feel free to skip this entry!

Also, today's entry will also feature some pictures by Doris because she has a superior camera.

Ready? The game is on! )

And that's it for today! The next update will be a day or two late as I'll be on night call, but don't worry, the picture flood will go downhill after the next entry!
Next up: Oxford/Cambridge, and what London Does When There's A Demonstration (Hint: They don't freak out).
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Hello! I went back to work and got bad news, but then there was good news so I feel more motivated to write! Let's continue!

After the previous day's epic meeting with epic folk, mum and I had to wake up epically early because we were going for a tour and the pick-up service would pop over around 8. I don't have a picture of the guy, but I should've taken a pic of him because his hair was slicked back, he wore those sunglasses with gradient tint, and wore a suit sans tie with unbuttoned collar. Everything about him screamed ITALIAN MOB BOSS and I really was worried he was going to lump us all in the bus and give an offer we can't refuse, then pay more for whatever he was going to threaten us with. I mean it's bad enough I'm paying £84 for a coach ride...

But let's continue.

Strap in for a pic-intensive ride! )

If you read this till the end thank you for looking through SIXTY FIVE pictures of England. I hope your Sunday has been properly wasted!

Next up: Sherlock, Sherlock!, London: The Cliff Notes, and schoolmate reunions 10,000 km from home!
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In the morning I persuaded my mum to leave the room and explore Oxford Street in its entirety if she really wanted a handbag. Also it is NOT okay to stay in your room all day and watch TV when you're 10,000km from home.

I made sure she got on the bus, then embarked on my own epic journey.

 photo 20130515_110356_zpsc2de3dc9.jpg

Like this, but without the trashbag coat.

Count how many times I write 'woodland creature'! )

In short: Best. Day. Ever. <3

Next up: Shakespeare! Midsummer Murder-esque towns! And a PILE of ROCKS!
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When I took the lift for breakfast, I bumped into an elderly Swedish couple who were going back home after a few days in London because "It was too cold".

That should give you an idea of the temperature.

It's like Tokyo 2012 all over again! )

That's it for today! Next up: Trolling the National Art Gallery, and Epic Theatre Celebrity Time!
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As I approach my 30th birthday, I realise I have never visited London even though I've been meaning to do it my entire life.

So I bought a ticket to watch Ben Whishaw and Judi Dench act the hell out of a stage play, and LIVED MY DREAM.

Imma going to London! )

Thus ends my first day in London. Next up: Parks, shopping, cheap food, meeting friends and family, and bulimia!

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